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Bring Spring Indoors

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Finally, finally spring has arrived!

When the sky is blue and the trees are slowly starting to bud, why should it feel like the dead of winter inside? We all love the spring and summer months but Mother Nature doesn’t allow us to enjoy them all year. Bringing nature indoors allows us to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather is.

If you are looking for a quick blast of spring for the warm months ahead and wish to decorate seasonally when winter returns then choose a wall color and furniture that will work all year. Similarly to fashion, it is never taboo to accent classic neutrals! If you want the happy warmth of the great outdoors to surround you yearlong then why not commit to a fun wallpaper as an accent wall then add pops of color and pattern with decorative items.

  • Decorating with color and florals is the best way to enjoy the majesty of nature when we are stuck indoors. There are many ways to warm up your space with floral patterns without going granny. Try large floral prints on furniture or pillows that feature a bold, modern color palette. To keep the look masculine, look for a print with flowers that are realistic with bugs and all. For a modernized floral look, look for prints that are stylized or tone-on-tone or for patterns that zoom in on the flower, only showing parts of it. Mixing floral prints can be tricky. There’s a fine line between good and what starts to get a little crazy. Be sure to mix floral prints with other patterns such as bold stripes, lush textures and brilliant solids.
  • Pillows are a great and inexpensive way to bring color and pattern into your space! You can use a floral pattern pillow you love to co-ordinate colors and patterns for items such as draperies, throw blankets, area rugs and decorative items.
  • A large, abstract painting can also do the trick! For a softer, more feminine look, go after a watercolor piece with soft lines and bright colors. To keep it masculine try for a piece that is zoomed in and offers strong lines.
  • With the added benefit of their delightful smell, fresh cut flowers are a great way to bring spring indoors! Instead of a mixed bouquet try a couple packages of the same flower, such as tulips or daffodils. For added impact cut the stems short and place them in a short vase.
  • For a delicate touch on a dresser, nightstand or end table, use antiques and vintage handblown glass pieces. Or for a more modern look, search out items of interest that are unusual that you are genuinely attracted to. You will be more likely to use items like these more often.

So what are you waiting for? Rid your home of the winter blues and spring into a home that is full of life and color!


Tegan Derksen