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Stay flexible in order to get the big picture

When you start planning a project it is important that you source all of the product you will need at the same time. There are a vast number of issues you could run into when selecting materials and finishes to complete your project but if you keep the big picture in mind and stay flexible you will find that your end result is much more easily attainable than you might think... 

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Consider decluttering for a better life

In our modern day society we have adopted the culture that more is more. We are encouraged to purchase the ‘new and improved’ or the ‘bigger and better.’ But as far as possessions go, less is actually more. The choice to live with fewer possessions can bring with it a great number of benefits. 

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Don't Stress the Holidays

Christmas has always been about family and spreading the love. Every year I could look forward to a few good meals, a nice visit with family from near and far, some deliciously unhealthy snacks, board games, puzzles, playing pond hockey out back with neighbors and listening to dorky Christmas tunes. 

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'tis the season for festive decor

December has nearly arrived which means I am officially allowed to decorate for the holidays. For me, the holiday season makes the snow and cold all worthwhile.  I could not imagine Christmas without the smell of cinnamon and pine and certainly couldn’t imagine it without the white stuff outside. 

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