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Erickson Steam Shower

Steam Shower

When Des built his home a few years ago he installed an enclosed steam shower unit with the intention of one day doing a tiled, built-in unit. I am so glad that I was able to be part of it!

before and during:

Once the existing unit was removed from the space we were able to remove the existing drywall, frame the niche, benches and lowered ceiling. The ceiling needed to be lowered so the water lines for the rainheads were inside the home and not in the attic. The back wall of the shower is an exterior wall as well so the niche allowed us to build a faux wall on the bottom for the water lines for the steam. The bathroom floor is a heated tile, instead of trying to cut into the tile and risk damaging the heat lines we opted for a tray drain so the drain could go through the floor

Des and Melanie have an Alexa home automation system in place in their home so it would only make sense that we integrate their new shower as well! While we have done smart home systems before, this one was much more involved. Alexa can start the shower in the morning and we even added chromotherapy lighting that is controlled by Alexa.

I love that the chrome fixtures pop off the classic black and white color palette. With marble and pebbles both being natural materials this shower will age like a fine wine!