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Glitz up your hall and stairs


Hallways and stairwells are stereotypically long, narrow and awkwardly broken up with doors, doors and more doors. That doesn’t mean they have to be an eyesore! But how on earth do you go about spicing them up? There a several sneaky ways to make those long, awkward spaces more appealing.

Feature paint color or wallpaper: Your hall and stairs are their own entity so feel free to decorate them as such! Don’t be scared of using a little color or pattern. This might be the perfect spot to showcase that mint green color you love but can’t commit to for a larger space. Or that awesome metallic gold chevron wallpaper!

Area carpet/runner: So, committing to a loud paint color isn’t in your future, maybe a patterned rug would tickle your fancy? A runner is an easily replaceable and changeable way of adding a punch of attitude to your hall or stairs. This is also a great option if you are renting your space! Be sure to choose one that isn’t so thick that it becomes a tripping hazard. It might also be wise to invest in an anti-slip mat to place underneath it.

Art grouping: This could be the perfect spot to try out an art grouping! Collage together your favorite family pictures, small artwork, decorative mirrors and hanging accessories. This option could be especially fun for stairwells as you can play around with the layout and add to it as time goes on!

Lighting: Try to find some fixtures that are a little different or capture your attention. Remember to keep size and proportion in mind when choosing your fixtures; nobody wants to bonk their head on their way to the washroom! Showcasing fun lighting will be an easier option for those who have a slightly higher ceiling height to work with.

Shallow shelving/storage: If your hall is wide or dead-ends with a blank wall consider adding a few shallow shelves to store and display smaller items such as books, pictures or travel mementos.

Foliage: Soften an awkward corner or wall with a plant. Make sure the plant isn’t too large or overpowering, this area is primarily for traffic so if it ends up that the plant is a nuisance or continually gets knocked over then this may not be the best idea, even if it looks magazine worthy!

Don’t let your awkward spaces stick out like a sore thumb in your home! They may be tricky and seem like a waste of time to bother with but spicing up these spaces can really add a special touch to your space.