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How to create a gallery wall

Sometimes hanging art is as easy as buying one large piece that catches your eye and hanging it above your sofa or dining table. Other times it seems as challenging as building a puzzle without a picture to guide you in any direction. You may have a few small pieces that you love but they seem too small to hang on their own or are unsure where you can hang them so the personality of the piece really comes through. This may be a case where it would be best to do a gallery wall or art grouping. There is no right or wrong way to concoct an gallery wall. Every home has a different style and will allow a different set of ‘rules’. Homes that are more modern will often have clean, crisp lines and utilize a strict color palette which may require you to consistently use the same color of frame or style of art work. Homes that are more eclectic will allow more freedom with color palettes, style of art and different frames.

Create art using art.

Art Groupings and gallery walls are great because you can really let your personality shine through and create art using art. There is no limit to what you hang in your grouping. You can hang paintings, photographs, clocks, artifacts, shelving, or maybe even a giant, decorative letter or number that brings meaning to you, all in one grouping. Maybe you want to hang a decorative mail organizer, chalkboard and calendar to utilize the space as a family command center. Maybe you want to hang a quote or saying that has impacted you or family as a constant reminder. Whatever you chose to hang, if it is important to you and brings meaning, it will shine.

So now that you have a good idea of what you want to hang how on earth are you going to hang it? Decide which wall you want to use and how large you want the grouping to be. Before you start poking holes in the wall, plan your grouping on the floor. Lay out scrap newspaper, tape out the size you want on the newspaper and start laying your items out within the tape guidelines. Lay the items out a few different ways to find your favorite layout. Be sure to take a photo each time so you can compare and decide on your favorite layout. Once you have figured out how you want everything to be you can mark on the newspaper where you will need to have nails to hang each item. Then simply tape the large newspaper block on the wall, nail into the wall through the newspaper where you have marked it out, tear off the paper and hang your items.

There you have it, an art wall to tell your story and inspire your family!