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Main floor laundry: Count yourself lucky!


Never before have I lived somewhere with a convenient, feel-good laundry room. Growing up it was in the furnace room with concrete floors and walls. Then it was a shared laundry facility which had a few washers and dryers set up at the opposite end of building to share between 75 people. And now, in this house it is back to the furnace room, only this time we live in a 4-level split style home which has done miracles for my gluts! I am sure that many can relate to the fact that laundry is a vicious, never-ending battle fought daily. For our small family I find myself tackling a minimum of 1 load per day but that is nothing compared to our friend who hammered through 1200 loads in 2014! It is a job that not many enjoy so why do we make it even worse by sticking our laundry room in the dungeon of our homes to make the task feel more like punishment than a normal part of our everyday lives? If you have main floor laundry or even a room dedicated strictly to laundry, count yourself lucky! For those of you who don’t, here are some tips and tricks to make your laundry room feel luxurious! [blockquote text="If you have main floor laundry or even a room dedicated strictly to laundry, count yourself lucky!" text_color="" width="" line_height="undefined" background_color="" border_color="" show_quote_icon="yes" quote_icon_color=""]

Add light: Adding some light will make the room feel less dank. Track lighting would be a great choice so you can point light where you need it most.

Close it in: If the inside of your laundry room is open framework consider putting drywall up (or another wall finish, if you prefer) in order to make the room feel properly finished. Go one step further and add trim boards to the floor and door.

Paint: Now that the drywall is up it is time to add some paint. Choose a paint color that is light, bright and cheerful, like a soft yellow. If the floor is simply concrete consider painting the concrete. Your paint specialist will be able to find the right product for the job. Painting the floor will offer a tidy finish and is much nicer for cleaning.

Furnish: Trade in the open shelving for storage cabinets with doors to hide the clutter away. Since you have committed to have this area as the laundry room, hang a clothes drying rack on the wall instead of a fold-up floor model (Lee Valley has a neat one that you can order online). Designate an area for laundry hampers. If there is a space for a countertop for folding/stain treatment then take advantage of that opportunity.

Laundry hamper organization
Laundry hamper organization

Personalize: If you really want it to feel better then consider adding a cute sign that pertains to laundry or some fun artwork. Concrete floors can be cold so put down a colorful floor mat to add a bit of comfort and style.

Laundry is not a favorite household task, yet it needs to be done. Don’t ignore your poor laundry room any longer, put in the time it takes to make the mundane more manageable.