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Manage your clutter with baskets

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How many baskets can a home have? The answer is… lots. The smaller your home, the more baskets you need.

Baskets, trays and other decorative storage options are worth every penny and you can never have too many! Seriously! The best part about baskets and dividers is that they keep everything organized and tidy, and the more you have the better you can dedicate them to a specific need. On the design side of things they add great texture to your room and enough casualness to make the room feel warm and welcoming. Instead of me telling you about all the things you could use a basket for I will tell you about some of the things I use baskets and boxes for.

·       In the nursery I have baskets everywhere. On the change table shelves there is one for our son’s shoes and hats, one for his shirts, one for his pants and one for his creams and grooming stuff like clippers and hairbrushes. There is a basket with blankets, one with teddy bears and books and of course, one for dirty clothes.

·       The master bedroom has multiple baskets in the closet for worn clothes which allows me to skip a step at laundry time because I don’t have to separate items to be washed. My dresser has dividers in the drawers to keep things simple and compact.

·       The bathroom is basket central. Our linen cabinet has all kinds of baskets; one for ‘owies’, one for ‘yuckies’ and one for vitamins. Do I sound like a mom? In the vanity my make-up is in a box that I can pull out on the counter and my hair supplies are also in an easy to access box.

·       In the office I have a baskets dedicated to extra printer paper, ink and envelopes. I also have boxes with lids to keep important papers separate. This helps me to keep paperwork in order so there is less of a possibility I will lose something or forget about it. My desk drawers also have dividers to keep paper clips away from sticky notes and pens divided from the pencils. Am I starting to sound like I have a little problem with OCD?

·       The main living area has tons too; one for toys, one for blankets and pillows and one for magazines and books. The entry has a key drawer that is nicely divided up to keep things in order. I have a basket in the closet with the different vacuum attachments and there is one on the shelf that stores receiving blankets and bibs near the dining table.

·       The kitchen cabinets are no exception either. Baking supplies and spices are grouped together in dividers and my selection of tea is all boxed together to make things simple.

Well, now that you know your way around my house isn’t it time you put your baskets to work?

Tegan Derksen