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More than an area rug


Take a look at the average modern interior. You may be surprised to observe that most finishes are hard and cold. Hardwood and laminate flooring, cabinets, countertops, drywall, windows just to name a few. Modern homes are missing out on the soft, warm finishes that turn a house into a home. It is incredible what a few warm finishes such as an area rug will do for a space. Many people consider an area rug to be an unnecessary luxury in home décor but in reality area rugs are important in more ways than one. An area rug is important in furniture groupings as a means of defining space and adding a decorative element to a space. Along with the obvious decorative benefits of using an area rug you will also notice they drastically improve acoustics and add warmth and comfort.


Area rugs can be used in more areas than just the living room. Use an area rug to decorate a long, monotonous hallway; add comfort at the kitchen sink or island; warm up your first steps in the morning; or make a statement at the entry. You can even use one under your dining room furniture to define the space and add comfort.

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Area rugs are a great way to bring color and texture into your space.  An area rug can be tied into the space by using coordinating fabrics for accent pillows and decorative window treatments or can stand alone as an art piece for your floor. A wide variety of unique colors, patterns, textures, styles and sizes are available and ripe for the picking. You can find many quality options available when browsing the large box stores but if you are looking to coordinate with other rooms or love a rug but need a different size you will find that many companies will manufacture the same rug in several sizes which will help you coordinate in your open concept home. You will also be able to find endless options and sizes available when shopping online.


It is important that the size of your area carpet relates properly to the size of the room and the furniture in that room. As a general rule, an area rug used to ground a furniture grouping should go under the furniture 4”-6” and stick out the same amount on each side. Dining room area carpets need to be quite large to encompass the table and allow plenty of space for chairs on all sides. If you are looking for an area carpet for your bedroom, instead of purchasing a large rug that the bed would cover the majority of, look for twin runners and have one on each side.

Why not try out an area rug in your home? You will be amazed with how good it feels!