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Stay flexible in order to get the big picture

When you start planning a project it is important that you source all of the product you will need at the same time. There are a vast number of issues you could run into when selecting materials and finishes to complete your project but if you keep the big picture in mind and stay flexible you will find that your end result is much more easily attainable than you might think. You will need to start asking all the right questions and decide what you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the ideal end result. Will you pay more if the style is perfect or are you willing to make changes in order to keep the costs within the budget? What if it will delay your project by an additional month or you can’t get it because it has been discontinued? These are all potential issues you can run into when sourcing product for a project so staying flexible will make things much easier on everyone.

Style: If you are planning for a kitchen renovation you already know that you will need to find cabinets, countertops, tile backsplash, lighting and hardware, at minimum. So if you fall head over heels in love with a particular color of cabinetry for your island but it will only work if you find exactly the right tile for the backsplash then you better find that tile before you jump the gun and place your cabinetry order!

Price: Budget is always a factor when choosing product. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you like that glass mosaic tile. If it doesn’t fit in the budget then it’s back to the drawing board. And that might mean you have to select new products for other things too, such as countertops or flooring.

Stock: Ok, so you love the style of that hardwood and the price is right but it will take an extra 8 weeks to get it here than you expected. Which means your baseboards can’t get finished and you can’t move furniture back into the room for another 2 months. Is it worth it to wait or can you find something else that will get your project complete on time?

Discontinued: This seems to be the story of my life! I find a wacky accent tile that acts as the inspiration for the entire project and I source all the other products I need to co-ordinate perfectly with it then I find out that it has been discontinued and there isn’t enough stock left to do the job! Crud, now what?! See if I can find an alternative or it’s time to let go of that idea and come up with something totally fresh and new.

Whatever issue(s) you run into along the way, if you keep an open mind and wait to order until you are totally satisfied with all of your choices then everything will turn out just fine! Some might even say that things don’t work out for a reason and you might end up with something even better as an end result! Happy Planning!