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Welcome guests from the street

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Curb appeal may be one of the single most important aspects of welcoming friends and family to your home.

There are plenty of upgrades you can make to the outside of your home to improve the curb appeal and make your home appear more friendly before your guests even make it to the door. From simple upgrades to intricate landscaping projects there are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to enhance your home’s appearance. Most of the improvements you can make won’t break the bank and they will all make a dramatic difference that you will notice and appreciate every time you pull up.

  • Outline with a border. Installing a border around your sidewalk or driveway will define the area and give it a more elegant look. You can choose from a variety of different pavers, colors, and widths. You can install them the same height or slightly raised to add more definition and keep people from walking/driving on the lawn.
  • Light the way. Welcome guests after the sun sets and increase their safety by lighting the path to your entry. Lighting also makes the home seem more inviting and can highlight your favorite landscape features. Don’t worry about wiring these in to your home if the budget doesn’t permit; there are many styles of solar lights that are affordable, easy to install and the light is nice and soft.
  • Plant flowers. Planting flowers is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to make a big impact. You can plant flowers in the front, along the sidewalks, in flower boxes, hanging in baskets and in pots. One of the advantages of baskets and pots is that you can move them around to benefit from the sun and rain.
  • Cover up problem areas. Many yards, especially in mature areas, have large trees that provide constant shade and have large roots that soak up all of the valuable moisture and nutrients. This can lead to dead spots on your lawn. Instead of fighting the never-ending battle of trying to restore the grass, try planting flowers that thrive in the shade or edging the area and covering the area with mulch.
  • Paint the front door. A fresh coat of paint in an intriguing color can transform your entry in a hurry. Or consider replacing it with a door that has some personality. This goes for the garage door too.
  • Replace the hardware. Simple things like an outdated mailbox, doorknob, house numbers, and light fixtures can make a huge impression. Pick and choose which items are going to make the most impact.
  • Trim it down. It doesn’t matter how attractive your house is if no one can see it through the untamed trees and shrubs. Trees that are too close to the house can even cause damage or problems by rubbing on the house, filling the gutters, growing up the siding and can even provide a passage for insects and pests to enter. Prune and cut back trees and shrubs to let your house shine though.
  • Build up a berm. Since berms typically have soft, curvy edges you can create interesting shapes and places to add color using flowers, mulch, stones and shrubs. A berm will provide a nice backdrop for layering plants or large focal stones.

Pour yourself a cold, refreshing beverage and make your way out into the yard to warm up your property with some curb appeal. Take your time and enjoy!


Tegan Derksen