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Derksen Kitchen Renovation

Derksen Kitchen Renovation.


A small U-shaped kitchen transformed into a spacious galley kitchen.

the problem: a small, impractical kitchen space

This large kitchen renovation involved removing several walls to create a functional, open concept, galley kitchen with island seating, dining area and visiting area with a wood burning fireplace.

The storm before the storm

When we got possession of our new-to-us home and opened the door, it was in far worse shape than the last time we had seen it. A colossal mess was left for us to tend to but our intentions were to renovate so it just helped motivate us to expedite the process. I also happened to be 30 weeks pregnant at the time so getting the place tidied up was high priority!

STEP ONE: Open up the space

This kitchen renovation was part of a large, main floor renovation. A total of 5 walls were removed; both doors to outside were exchanged for larger doors that hinged on the proper side; we added one window so we can watch the rugrat on the west side of the house; closed in one window; and replaced all the other windows. It was important to incorporate colour into the kitchen and we just so happen to LOVE this seafoam tone so the choice was obvious! 



This kitchen was completed using Merit Kitchens cabinetry with all the fun inserts; spice pull out, utensil and knife block pull out, tall pantry pull out, roll out pantry shelves, pegboard drawer dividers, utensil dividers, garbage pull out, and recycling bin pull out. My favourite part of my kitchen is how the layout functions! The dishes are stored close to the dishwasher which is near the kitchen table; anything I need when I’m at the stove is near the stove; and everything prep related is stored where I prep… makes sense, right?! The coffee bar under the window is another favourite feature in our kitchen as well as the recycling center that is built-in to a nook by the backdoor.


The final result: A practical galley kitchen fit for a busy family