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More Projects.


A peek at the smaller, uncategorized projects completed by Locale Designs.

Locale Designs can help customize any space in the home, or office, to suit your needs.

We think all rooms of the home should function for your lifestyle, not just your kitchen and bathroom. We have completed many smaller projects such as fireplaces, desk units, bar units, laundry rooms, living rooms, and even exterior projects. 

Walker fireplace 

Cole and Tiff have a gorgeous, open-concept home with the kitchen, dining and living space all in one open space. But it felt like the space lacked personality and that cozy, home-y feeling! So they came to us for a fireplace and custom built-in... it turned out amazing!


The goal for the Grahn’s laundry room was to optimize storage and keep it tucked neatly away. Bonus points for creating an area for folding laundry.

Joy’s Desk and Living Room Update

When Joy moved into her condo it lacked life and personality. There was also an awkward nook just off the kitchen. Joy often needed to complete work tasks at home and so an office was just what the doctor ordered. We added some color to the walls, draperies, area carpet and fixed up the fireplace. She now loves her open concept main floor!

Locale Feb 2015 -1171.jpg

From Kicks to Kids Exterior Renovation

The ladies at From Kicks to Kids were in need of an exterior renovation to make the outside of their building represent their brand. We painted out the brick, added a sunscreen and a flower bed, changed out the lights and had Windwood Signs put up a new suspended sign. It was a night and day transformation!

Leavitt Living Room

The Leavitt’s Creekview living room was an awkward L-shape with traffic to the kitchen and deck right next to it. We needed to plan for social gatherings and be able to fit several people in the room comfortably. We shopped for smaller, apartment sized sofas, airy metal coffee tables and then paired them with a classic wingback with decorative nailhead details to tie it all together. We also opted for wallpaper along the back wall and a custom area rug so we could control the size and also chamfer the corner as to not obstruct the adjacent traffic pattern. It turned out amazing, read the testimonial here!