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Solverson Renovation

Solverson Renovation.


Ken & Michelle's time had come to take over the family homestead but before they packed up and moved in, it needed a renovation.

their home-to-be needed an update and a few structural changes to make it function for their lifestyle.

The original homestead was built in 1952 and was added onto in 1979. While we opened up a good portion of the original main floor, it was the basement that really got an overhaul. Situated on sandy soil the basement had concrete walls and a wood floor, which we upgraded to a concrete slab. We also increased the headroom at the main stairs and added a second set of stairs to the entertaining area in the basement.

Main Floor: Move kitchen to the dining & bring laundry upstairs

The original kitchen was very small and closed off at the back of the house. We used the kitchen for the main floor laundry and the kitchen moved into the large, open dining space. The flow of the new kitchen is great! The island is a wonderful workspace, is great for visiting and directs the main traffic out of the work area. Ken and Michelle love the brick from the fireplace so we mimicked the brick in the kitchen and continued it around the patio door and into the kitchen to give the illusion that the wall is brick. 

master suite 

Ken and Michelle added a hot tub off the master suite on the back deck. Instead of traipsing water through the house  they decided to add a door to the deck in the powder room.  Moving the bathroom access allowed us to steal space for head room for the stairs and bring them up to code. Their master suite features a walk-though closet with a vanity under the window where Michelle can get ready for the day. From there you enter the shower and tub area of the bathroom, which can be closed off from the toilet and sink portion of the washroom, which is where the entry door is. The master bathroom was to have a spa-like feel but still feel warm and cozy. I think we accomplished that!

Main Bath

The main bath is so unique! Both Ken and Michelle love antiques and old world charm. She already had a travertine sink and wanted an antique vanity to put it on but we just couldn't find the right size and style so we had to get creative. My grandfather is a woodworking hobbyist with incredible skill and attention to detail so we decided to put him to the test. I drew up a leg style and top, Grampy crafted it and then we had it custom stained and installed. We chose a wall mounted sink faucet in a beautiful Champagne finish. It's my absolute favorite!

BASement and stairs

Early in the project it was decided that a second set of stairs was not optional! The addition of a set of stairs from the main living room on the main floor to the main entertaining area in the basement was just what the Dr ordered! The basement space went from a space rarely used to a daily frequented entertainers dream! The stair supports were custom fabricated here in Camrose and the treads were ordered from the US. The railing upstairs was custom fabricated to mimic the railing Ken's grandpa had made many years ago and the same design will continue down the stairs with a handrail. The basement living room features a fully-stocked bar, gas fireplace, pool table, 4 TV's for ultimate football enjoyment and custom leather bench seating along the west wall with countertop breaks for resting your beverage. I can only imagine the years of fun they will get out of their basement space!

New concrete slab

This part of the project has no real 'designer appeal' but it was so important in the whole scope of the project and I feel that being part of this process was an undertaking and accomplishment in it's own rights so I am sharing a before photo and a couple during pictures. This area is now home to two bedrooms, an office, bathroom and home gym. 

Another tasty treat

One of our talented finishing carpenters took on the task of creating a barn door using an actual two-piece old barn door from a sunken old barn out back. It's amazing!